Thursday Morning Roundup

Stuff you should read today.

House members in the know score ‘abnormal’ stock profits, study says
The Washington Times
“We find strong evidence that members of the House have some type of non-public information which they use for personal gain,” according to four academics who authored the study, “Abnormal Returns From the Common Stock Investments of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.”
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Pawlenty’s time to move
George F. Will, The Washington Post
Daniels’s and Romney’s decisions have made May an accelerating month for Tim Pawlenty, former two-term governor of the only state to vote Democratic in nine consecutive presidential elections — and arguably the most conservative governor in Minnesota’s history.
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Netanyahu’s Triumph
The New York Sun
Mr. Obama, by delivering his own speeches before Mr. Netanyahu was scheduled to go up to Capitol Hill, left it to the Israeli leader to have the last word — the honor to sum things up and give the speech that people will talk about. He left to Mr. Netanyahu the more magnificent platform, and Mr. Netanyahu made the most of it.
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Beach traffic to North Carolina faces higher toll
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Beachgoers headed to the Outer Banks using the Chesapeake Expressway this holiday weekend will have to pony up a toll three times what it cost them last year.
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10 Steps From Idea to Business
A cheat sheet to turn your vision for a successful new business into a reality.
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17 Lost Egyptian Pyramids Found From Space
Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have located seventeen lost pyramids, 1,000 tombs and more than 3,000 ancient settlements in Egypt after studying images produced by a state-of-the-art infrared technique that allowed them to clearly see the ruins underground.
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Why Real Creativity Requires Significant Work, Part 1
The Christian Post
If I had known how much work the publishing process would require-both in writing the manuscript and in promoting the book-I am sure I would not have signed up.
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When a Nation Turns Its Back on God
Charles Stanley
If a nation turns its back on the Lord, His judgment is inevitable unless the people repent and make Him Lord once again. As believers, our responsibility is to pray that God would draw the heart of our country back to Himself-and to help the gospel and truth spread through our land.
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