Saturday Morning Roundup: Things You Should Read

I pay attention, so that you don’t have to.

Borderline Treachery
Andrew McCarthy, National Review Online
Not only is Obama’s new position on the borders a sellout of this American commitment to Israel; it is an adoption of Hamas’s position.
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RTD Politifact: It’s True
Cuccinelli says DOE officials never visited Virginia Tech while investigating shootings
Cuccinelli…said the DOE investigators never conducted face-to-face interviews with the Tech officials making decisions that dreadful day…his claim that DOE investigators never visited Tech to conduct interviews is True.
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The Map of Israel’s 1967 Borders That Obama Doesn’t Want You to See
Bearing Drift
Obama wants to create a hostile Islamist terrorist state in the heart of Israel that would leave Israel with borders that are 9 miles wide in the middle of the country.
See the map.

Allen calls for Kaine’s take on Obama’s Israel-Palestine comments
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Allen said the remarks represent “a dangerous shift in U.S. policy concerning Israel” that could lead to violence. “In this unsettled region, Israel’s democracy is a well-spring in the wilderness,” Allen said. “The United States should stand with our ally — not undermine Israel’s ability to negotiate or put its national security at risk.”
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10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From
The undeniable success and innovation of high-profile social media campaigns — from such brands as Old Spice, Google Chrome and Starbucks — have inspired this ongoing push for companies to hire people with social media skills.
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