Apparently Virginians Do Remember Part Time Governor Tim Kaine

After teasing for weeks that he wasn’t sure of his decision, Tim Kaine threw his eyebrow in the ring for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim (we-told-you-it-would-be-one-term) Webb.  Kaine said with a nudge and a wink that he wasn’t strong-armed by the White House into to the race that no Democrat wants to run.

Kaine announced in a video that painted a rosier-than-reality picture of his Administration.  Then again, who can blame him for thinking the glass was half-full?  After all he was only here half the time.

How's Kaine doing thus far?

Bearing Drift has the scoop on a Roanoke College poll that has Kaine trailing likely GOP nominee George Allen.

The Action Machine”>Kaine comes screaming out of the gates for Senate – 13 points behind Allen

No word yet on whether Congressman Bobby Scott will step into the race on the Democratic side.  And, Allen still has to win the primary in a field crowded with also-rans.  His most “serious” challenger makes a lot of noise, but keeps shooting herself in the foot on Twitter and with  press releases that sound quite a lot like a poorly written version of what  George Allen just said.

Reality is the 2012 Senate Race in Virginia, one which just might determine control of the Senate, is going to come down to a contest between two former Governors.

Sure eighteen months is an eternity in politics and anything can happen.  Barack Obama might even dig himself out of the hole he’s dug himself into.

But right now the advantage goes to Allen.

And that's a good thing.