Still the best TV Ever…

Thanks to Netflix, I just re-watched Season 6 of LOST.

Yes, I recall that the ending was controversial and that it didn't answer enough questions. But it did for me the second time through.

At least I have my own personal theory based on some of what Christian told Jack there in the church.

Regardless of the meaning, the six seasons of LOST were six (and a little more actually) years of some of the best television we've seen. Sure you had to work to keep up with it. In my case, I tried watching it the first time it aired, then I got side tracked. So I caught up, again via Netflix.

Toward the end, my family knew that the LOST hour was not the time to ask me anything.

Watching it again, I was surprised how much I still feel attached to the characters. When Jin and Sun died in the submarine I still wanted to scream “NOOOOOOO!!!” In fact I'm

pretty sure the first time around that was my Facebook status.

And when they all gathered that last time in the church, it just felt right. All was good.

I don't watch much regular TV. Most of the time I refuse to get caught up in a series. It happened with LOST, with Battlestar Galactica and with 24.

Although I didn't make it through all of the seasons of 24 until later. Some of them I just couldn't stand. And I'd still cheer for the cougar. Translation: Kim Bauer = World's Most Annoying Television Character Ever. She's the Jar Jar Binks of Broadcast Television.

But I digress.

Few television series or movies make me want to watch them over and over again. I want to go back and rewatch all six seasons of LOST. Again, I got through the first two seasons of 24 recently and I was done. I couldn't move on to Season 3. As for movies, I can't get enough of Lord of the Rings. I'm geek-ish that way.

I don't know when next a series or movie will capture my attention again the way LOST did.

Let me check my Netflix queue.