The Secret of My Non Success

Maybe Chris Brogan has a point:  Why You Aren’t As Successful As You Want to Be
You are not as successful as you want to be because you allow distractions into your life. Read more.

Perhaps he’s right.  He suggests closing the tabs down to one, turning off Facebook, Chat and more.  Turning off the cell phone unless you’ve got a child in school or away.

As I’m writing this, I have five tabs open on the PC, the laptop on, television news on, my cell phone charging next to me, and a book right beside me that has a chapter that must be read tonight.  And I constantly have Notepad and Photoshop open to get ready for the next project.

Maybe that’s why I post a status like this one from last night:

I have three articles to write, a chapter of theology to read before Sunday and a logo to design. None of that is likely to happen tonight.

I’ve read that the experts say there’s no real “multi-tasking.”  But I’m not sure I’m wired to work any other way.  Even when I’m on vacation, it takes a couple of days to wind down to where I can actually focus on just one thing – like the beach – at a time without making lists or checking email, etc.

I spent eight years in Washington, DC working as a meeting and event planner.  That was in the days before cell phones (we finally got the bricks to carry around), and before the Internet.  But I still had half a dozen projects going at once.  It was the way I operated.

Then again I did get fired from that job…twice.  The reality there is that both times were political and justiced eventually was served.  But that’s another story.

So I wonder if the advice to put away the distractions is what I need.

I’ll get right on that…as soon as I check my email.


  1. …of course, without distractions, I would have never stumbled across this post.

    Or read his post.

    So distractions? Eh… not so bad.

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