This Day in Virginia History – February 25, 1995

Virginia Passes Historic Welfare Reform – February 25th, 1995

Welfare Reform was one of the signature issues of George Allen’s 1993 campaign.  And in the second year of his Administration, after accomplishing his first initiative of Parole Reform, Virginia passed historic welfare reform:

Governor Allen applauded the passage of his initiative saying “Today we have sent a message that welfare in Virginia will no longer be a way of life, but a temporary means of assistance that will serve as a hand up to opportunity rather than a hand out to dependency.”

I had the distinct honor and privilege to be a part of that team.  I worked as a Special Assistant to Secretary of Health and Human Resources Kay Coles James. It was an inspiring time.

And, because of that experience I know that George Allen has always been “Promises made, promises kept,” and I can’t wait to support him in his bid for Senate.

On a side note, if you back out from the picture, I’m standing about where the shift key is on your computer keyboard.

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