I Guess This Means I’m Officially A Freelance Artist

A couple of years ago, leading up to Easter, I designed a series of photoshop images focusing on The Stations of the Cross.  They were mainly for use on that current version of the blog.  But I also posted them to my Facebook profile and stated that one day (and that day is coming), I hope to transfer them to canvas.

But I also uploaded the images to my store at Zazzle.com.  They’re available there for purchase.  Then I forgot about them.

Until a couple of weeks ago.  I got an email notice that my products had sold.  After 2 years someone actually bought and entire set of all 15 posters.  This week someone bought three more.

It’s kind of neat to think that perhaps they’re being displayed in a church somewhere and that they may be a means for some to have a more meaningful experience in the coming Easter season.

And from a purely mercenary standpoint, I’m not snarking at the modest profit these sales will bring.

I’ve had some success with CafePress, particularly with my Read My Lipstick design during the 2008 campaign.  But this is the first through Zazzle.

Neither brings me enough income to quit my day job.  The CafePress Store does about enough business to pay the monthly shop fees.  Most of the time.

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