No, The President Did Not Drop the “S-Bomb” Today

Over at Real Clear Politics today, they’re trying to tell us that President Obama Drops “S-Bomb” At Presser On Budget

Actually no he didn’t.  He stumbled over the phrase “lowest share.”  He did not “drop the “s-bomb”

Now, let’s be clear.  There are plenty of s-bombs IN the budget of which he was speaking.  But he didn’t drop one in his press conference.

You have to go over to Real Clear Politics to see the video.

Look, there are very few areas where I agree with the President.  The horrific disaster that he calls a budget is one of those areas.  But let’s stick to the issues.  It’s just stupid to pounce on everything the man says or does, or doesn’t say.  Focusing on this supposed slip has merely taken the focus from the budget.

Issues like this don’t help to get the message across.  This kind of…um…stuff…is just silly.

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