The Future Church

This weekend I finished reading The Meeting of the Waters by Richmond based author Fritz Kling. Kling talks about “7 Global Currents that will propel the Future church.”

He begins by sharing the contrast between missionaries of the last century who would leave home wih their meager possessions, travel halfway around the world and spend decades in the field, never having the opportunity to return home with the missionaries of today who are in constant contact via email, Facebook and Skype.  In other words, the world is changing, and the church has to be prepared to deal with those changes.

The Meeting of the Waters is the result of Kling’s 2006-2007 “Global Church Listening Tour” where he and his associates met with 151 church leaders in 19 countries. 

If you are in ministry today, whether at home, on the mission field, or looking at short term missions, this book is a valuable resource.

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