Apparently, the FOX network thinks this ad is not appropriate for you to see.

John 3:16 Ad Won’t Air During Super Bowl
Christianity Today

Here’s the ad:

I understand the objections to the obvious religious message of the ad. But “inappropriate” for football? And if the sponsor had the money to pony up to pay for the ad?

God help us. Because we obviously can’t help ourselves.

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  1. I love the hypocrisy of the media. It’s like one of my favorite disclaimers, on ABC “Family” of all places – it’s when Pat Robertson’s 700 Club comes on (I don’t watch the 700 Club; don’t really care for it – but that’s neither here nor there): “The following program does not reflect the views of ABC Family.” Classic. I have to laugh every time – programs about the “secret (sex) lives of teenagers doesn’t warrant a disclaimer, but religion does.

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