I’m loving this App

At a friend’s suggestion, yesterday I downloaded CardioTrainer (the free version) for my Motorola Droid.  It clocks my work out and calories burned.  When I take my lunch time walk, it uses the GPS on my Droid to map my route.  When I’m done, I can save my workout information, and even upload it to Facebook if I’m so inclined (which so far, I’ve not been).

As a bonus, you can listen to music as you exercise and get a progress report.  However, you need to have the music aleady programmed into your phone.  Yesterday when I took off on my first walk I kept hearing a strange collection of opening lines from songs.  Then I realized the only music I had on the Droid was my collection of ringtones.  The program was working it’s way through the list.

Do I have to have CardioTrainer to exercise?  No, not really.  It’s just another incentive to keep me going.

And I can use all the encouragement I can get.

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