Senator Janet Howell and the Abuse of Power

State Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) is the Chair of the Senate Privileges and Elections committee. It seems she been taking extra privileges.

Senator Steve Martin (R-Chesterfield) explains over at the Virginia Gentleman:

The Privilege & Elections chair chose not to place these 6-7 resolutions on the docket, as is her right. Senator Obenshain made a motion to add these bills to the docket, as is his right. It is always in order for a member to make such a request. The committee can, if it chooses, reject the motion. However, the chair ruled the motion out of order. When asked what rule, parliamentary guidance or other legal basis she used in her judgment, she said “because that’s how I ruled.”

This video shows how it all transpired:

Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Colgan (D-Prince William) agrees with the Republicans.

Colgan, the most senior member of the senate, rose to his feet to talk about abuses of power employed by majority when he first joined the senate 36 years ago–bills that were assigned to fake subcommittees that never met; budgets crafted by a few members meeting at a hunting lodge; other items considered in executive sessions where the public and even many senators were not allowed to attend. [The Washington Post]

All 40 State Senate seats are up for reeelection this November. It’s time to rule Janet Howell “out of office.”

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