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Mardi Gras: The One Where I Can’t Find a Politically Correct Headline

Today is Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday. It’s the traditional eat-all-the-good-stuff-in-the-house Tuesday because Lent starts tomorrow. I have not yet decided what, if anything, I will be giving up for Lent. I’d like it to be the day job but, come Easter Sunday, I’m pretty sure I’d be needing it. I didn’t grow up in …

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365 Things I Believe: It Is Done

Hudson Taylor (1832 – 1905) was a missionary to China and the founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF Internationnal). He spent 51 years in China spreading the Gospel. Taylor was known for his respect and sensitivity to Chinese culture including his choice to wear the traditional Chinese clothing. 365 Things I Believe is …

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