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Erick Erickson: About That RNC Declaration of War on Conservative Grassroots

If you’ve been following the comments of Mike Shields of the RNC regarding grassroots conservatives, this is a good read from Erick Erickson at RedState. The professional right has turned a mailing list habit into a mailing list addiction. Like drug addicts wanting one more hit before going straight, they send out one last mail …

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Kurt Schlichter: The Coalition of the Unwilling to Be Bossed Around

Writing in Townhall.com Kurt Schlichter says: Obedience to arbitrary authority is counter to everything that America stands for. We didn’t reluctantly cede a tiny bit of our personal sovereignty to the government so a bunch of know-it-all twerps could tell us what to eat, what to smoke, what to do and how to live. We did …

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