Going the Social Distance

We are on day 237 of 15 days to slow the spread.

How can I miss you if you won’t go away?

I spend way too much time on social media.

Sometimes I lie to myself and say I’m being productive because I use it to promote my writing, my theater work, and my work as Santa. I also manage the social media for the theater where I’m Managing Director.

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We don’t have a lot to manage these days, but that’s another story.

The reality is, sometimes I’ll get lost on social media waiting for someone to say something interesting or post something funny.

Facebook has been great to connecting with friends that I haven’t seen in forty years. It’s been a great new home for the Tolkien friends I met on another forum almost twenty years ago.

It also drives me crazy.

And Twitter? Well, Twitter is a cesspool. But it’s actually where I go for news these days. I follow multiple sources, see what’s trending, and actually go read the original articles.


I’ve not managed to figure out how to use Instagram for actual communications other than just posting pictures. But I’m there as well.

I couldn’t tell you how to use Snap Chat and/or Tik Tok.

So, when I started seeing posts, mostly from conservatives, about people leaving Facebook and Twitter because of their political bias I sighed because I didn’t want to move yet again.

Don’t try to argue with me and say there’s no bias. I’ve watched it happen.

I mean, Twitter tagged a post about the President and the Vice President visiting Arlington Cemetery for Veteran’s Day. They had to “remind” us that Joe Biden is the President-elect.

Well, as we established earlier this week, he ain’t yet. And while the possibility is very remote, he still might not be.

That’s another post that you should have read already.

Twitter is now tagging any post from President Trump, regardless of the subject. They seem to forget that, regardless of the eventual outcome, he’s still the President until January 20.

At least.

As for his Tweets. Yeah, sometimes they’re cringeworthy. And sometimes you just want to take his phone away.

But you know what? Even if they drive you nuts, he’s got your attention. Hate him all you want (you really should have someone look at that), but he knows how to control the conversation.

More than once I’ve seen friends freaking out over a Presidential tweet and I’ve just had to calmly (most of the time) say, “You do know about the headlines you’re missing, don’t you?”

We’re not going to have that much fun in a Harris Administration.

Anyway, I think there’s some thought that today is supposed to be the big social exodus from Facebook and Twitter.

What I’ve mostly seen are posts from people saying joint me on Parler and MeWe.

At first, I resisted. But you can now find me at both.

I’m not spending a lot of time there. I’m mainly there because I don’t want to lose connections if people really do tell Mark and Jack to take a hike.

But, for reasons noted above, I’m not leaving Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t need more social networks to manage. I don’t need to spend more time scrolling for interesting posts.

I’m already one of those people why say “What do you mean you haven’t checked Facebook today?”

Social media can be a great tool. It can also be a great distraction.

During these 47 years of house arrest, it has been both a comfort and an annoyance.

I mean, think about it, during the Spanish Flu epidemic people had to do things like write letters and talk to family members.

It’s Friday. We’re finally at the weekend. The leaves are falling faster than the stock market in a Harris Administration.

Too soon?

Assuming it dries up like the weather overlords said it’s supposed to, I’ll be out removing some of those leaves tomorrow.

Right after I check Facebook.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

We are on day 236 of 15 days to slow the spread.

If the projected election results hold, we could be celebrating our first anniversary in March.

I’m trying not to think about that.

I’m trying not to think about a lot of things, which is probably why I’m writing this at 1:23 in the morning.

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No, I’m not “still up.” I went to bed over three hours ago. To bed, not to sleep.

For reasons that may or may not be shared at a future date, I’ve had a couple of extra layers of stress these past few days.

Sorry to be vague, but it’s really not relevant other than the fact that I’ve been having trouble sleeping.

That’s the thing.

I don’t have trouble sleeping.

I mean, I usually don’t have trouble sleeping. I frequently have trouble not waking up, but that’s another post.

This is all something of a new phenomenon. Let me just say that I don’t really like it.

For a couple of weeks it’s been waking up around 4:00 a.m. Now, to be truthful, when I’m on my regular schedule to go to the gym I set the alarm for about 4:30 so that I can be in the pool by 5:30. Sometime after 6:00 it starts getting crowded.

Again, that’s another post.

I think the pattern of waking up and not being able to go back to sleep started with the time change. You should know how I feel about the time change.

Excuse me, I just had to stop and yawn. But my body is lying to me. It just wants to lure me back into bed so that I can stare at the alarm clock.

It’s not like I wasn’t already staring at my phone for two hours before I got up to write this.

I don’t like insomnia. Especially when I can’t figure out a reason why.

I mean, it would be a silly thing to like.

It’s not caffeine. I almost never have coffee beyond noon and I rarely have any other types of caffeine. After noon, if I’m not having my traditional evening cup, I’m usually just drinking water.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because now it’s 1:34 and I have no idea if I’ll get any sleep tonight. With any luck I’ll fall asleep about ten minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off.

Maybe there’s just too much to think about. Maybe you’re the same way.

There are just so many things causing us stress these days. I don’t need to list them for you.

That’s the thing though, I don’t think I was awake worrying. I was just awake.

I wish I knew the reason, then I could take steps to deal with it.

I mean maybe, just maybe, it’s because I realized that I’d not written a post for today and I couldn’t stand the thought of you going without your daily dose of brilliance.

NARRATOR: That ain’t it.

I have thought recently that in these times when I can’t sleep, can’t find anything else to binge on Netflix or a host of other streaming services, that I should just park myself here at the keyboard and write.

So, I’m here.

Not banging out the next Great American Novel (TM), but talking about writing when I should be sleeping.

I suppose it’s what I get for complaining about not having the time to write.

I do worry about that.

I try not to lose sleep over it.

At least I got this post done for today.  So, there’s that.

Problem is, now I want a snack and the kitchen is just…so…far…

Photo by Nikki Normandeau on Unsplash