Bush 2012? In a word NO!

Over at National Review Online, Rich Lowry gives eight reasons he believes Jeb Bush should run for President in 2012.

I’m not buyin’.

Lowry points to a National Review profile of Jeb Bush by John Miller that lists Bush’s accomplishment. I’d quote it, but it’s for subscribers only, and I don’t need to subscribe to have my opinion on this one.

Lowry says, “It’s a wide-open field for a nomination that’s worth having” and cautions that 2016 will be too late for Jeb Bush.

Sorry Rich, while in hindsight Jeb may have been the one from the family who should have been President, it was too late for him when his father, and his brother occupied the Oval Office.

The 2010 Census tells us that there are in excess of 308 million people in the United States.

I’m thinking we can find at least one without the last name Bush (or Clinton for that matter), that’s qualified to be President.

O, Muslim Brotherhood, Who Art Thou?

We’re in a tight spot!

O, Muslim Brotherhood, Who Art Thou?
Doug Giles, Townhall Conservative

Followers of the Religion of Peace are currently going nuts in Egypt, aren’t they? Isn’t it weird that when Muslims start burning crap down that the Blame Stream Media (BSM) calls them “revolutionaries, lovers of freedom, peace, kitty cats and cotton candy,” and an “oppressed people” who “yearn for democracy”?

via O, Muslim Brotherhood, Who Art Thou? – Doug Giles – Townhall Conservative.