Dec 10 2013

People we love: Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour, December 10, 1914 - September 22, 1996

Dorothy Lamour, December 10, 1914 – September 22, 1996

American actress and singer Dorothy Lamour was born on this day in 1914 in New Orleans. She is best rembemered for appearing with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the popular “Road to…” movies.

She appeared in two of my favorite movies, “The Greatest Show on Earth” (1952) with Charlton Heston and “Donovan’s Reef” (1963) with John Wayne.

Lamour was married twice, first to orchestra leader Herbie Kay and later to advertising executive William Ross Howard III. By some accounts Lamour had a romantic relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, but she mentioned him in her autobiography only as a “lifelong friend.”

Lamour died on September 22, 1996. She was 81.

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