Dec 02 2012

Honest Confessions: I Made Something from Pinterest

Yes, yes, I get it. Pinterest is mostly populated by women dreaming about the perfect wedding and you have to weed through a lot of that. But if you’re at all creative in the artist/writer category, th

ere’s some good inspiration over there.

For years, our family has collected Santa figurines/ornaments/pictures and displayed them on the mantle. This year I kicked it up a notch.

The inspiration:

So I went in search of frames and found these for $4 each at Walmart:

Not quite the look I wanted, so I spray painted them white:

The example suggested cutout letters on scrapbook paper. But I couldn’t find letters I liked, so I gave in to my impatience and printed these out.

Here’s the end result:

I may tweak them to make them a little brighter for next Christmas. Maybe not.

You may now be jealous.

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