Mar 16 2012

Miracle-Gro® Giveaway!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s spring and everybody needs a little help to grow.  That’s why you need Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro™. And here at The Write Side of My Brain, I’m happy to offer you the chance to win a sample of this great product through the Expand ‘n Gro™ giveaway .

Your chance to win is right here. All that you have to do to enter our contest is leave a comment below.  Just include the words “I want to win!”  Winners will be selected in a random drawing.  We’ll contact you by email and ask how to get your sample to you.
Just like Expand ‘n Gro™, winning is just that easy!
EnG Product Shot.pngYour plants won’t just be happy, they’ll you’ll have more flowers and vegetables to make your garden luscious and beautiful.  (link) expands up to 3 times when mixed with water and it will feed your plants for up to 6 months!
But the long lasting benefit doesn’t stop there.  It will significantly improve your soil for years to come.  Check it out for yourself.  
(link) is a unique blend of Miracle-Grow plant food and coconut coir fiber.  And because it comes in a compact easy-to-carry, easy-to-store bag it can do everything a heavy bag of soil can do, only better.
There’s not a better way to get your garden ready for Spring and Summer.


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  1. Krystle

    I want to win! I could use that potting mix for my herb garden.

  2. Alton Foley

    I want to win! Not for myself, ’cause I can’t grow a thing. My sister however, loves to do this kind of stuff.

  3. EMSoliDeoGloria

    I want to win! I don’t have a green thumb but want to plant flowers in front of my house; maybe Miracle-Gro could help.

  4. Melissa

    I love Miracle-Gro. I haven’t bought any for my garden this year — maybe I’ll win some! w00t!

  5. Melissa

    It cut off — I WANT TO WIN! I love Miracle-Gro!

  6. Alan

    I am terrible at growing things, except growing tired. I want to win! I want nice plants!

  7. Missy K

    I want to win I want to win I want to win!
    Maybe I’ll win the Miracle-Gro. I never win anything!

  8. Rick Sincere

    I want to win! I have a brown thumb, but I want to win, anyway.

  9. Ann Flan Kirwin

    I want to win! I just moved into a house that needs MAJOR garden work!

  10. George

    I want to Win! I’ve used Miracle-Gro before and it does work.

  11. Tom White

    I want to win! I am decorating the outside of my Insurance Agency office. I already bought a small outdoor table and 2 chairs. Looking for a bench and on either side of the bench, I want to place large pots for some type of flowers. Not sure what, but I have used Miracle-Gro for a number of things over the years and always get great results!

  12. Bobbi

    I want to win! 😀 I love miracle grow

  13. Valerie Hunt

    I want to win. And if I do, it will be a good chance to get together with the Fletchers.

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    […] to Bobbi for winning our Miracle-Gro […]

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